What's this about Rowing?

In 2015, Sona happened upon a "learn to row" class at the Minneapolis Rowing Club. After the 2nd session of learn to row, Sona was hooked. There was something about trying something totally new, working with a team to row together, being on the mighty Mississippi, moving under I94 and U of MN bridges that stirred her soul.

The phrase "10 to focus" is used as a call to the crew rowing to recommit for the next 10 strokes to work with each other and align.

10 for focus also works within EOS - with a commitment to use the first 10 session of EOS to bring a mastery of EOS. There is also the alignment to the concept of Level 10 meetings - making sure every meeting is productive and scores a '10'.

10 for focus is a great phrase to bring refreshed commitment and alignment to a team.

Attention.  Row.